Just A Taste Bartender                                                      Part-time position

          The Just A Taste Bartender is directly responsible for maintaining the high standard of beverage quality and service for guests of Just A Taste.  Applicants must be friendly, patient, and at all times express and uphold the core values of Just A Taste.  Engage the guest to educate and cultivate their palate.  The Bar is the heart and soul of Just A Taste; therefore, the Bartender directly expresses the character of Just A Taste.  The Just A Taste Bartender must execute the creation of cocktails with efficiency, fluidity, and grace as they oversee all operations behind The Bar.

·      Bar Set-up

·      Bar Inventory

·      Bar Stocking levels

·      Preparing Garnishes

·      Washing and polishing Glassware

·      Regular Bar Maintenance and Cleaning

·      End-of-shift procedures

·      Event Hall Bartending shifts

·      Oversee bar operations

·      Assist the Bar Manager

·      Develop seasonal cocktails

·      Engage the Customer to provide our unique experience!

It will be the responsibility of the Bartender to study and stay current in the ever evolving trends of wine, beer, spirits, and cocktails.  The Bartender will be encouraged to express their creativity through cocktail modification and development.  

Email Eric or Casey at justatastemo@outlook.com with a Resume.