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MO Brews Dinner #2 Mother’s Brewing Company
-- Springfield, MO --
August 18, 2017

Welcome: Grilled Cheese Roll-ups & Crushed Tomato Soup
Comfort on the plate AND in the glass!
-- Mother’s Three Blind Mice --

Summer Peach Salad: Fresh arugula pickled watermelon rind, peaches, roasted corn, house dandelion-cider vinegar.
-- Mother’s Tart Peach Berliner Weiss --

Family-Style Fish Fry: Shaved fried catfish, hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes, coleslaw.
-- Mother’s Lil’ Helper IPA --

Blackberry S’more “Baked Alaska”:
The perfect ending to any family cook-out.
-- Mother’s Imperial Grind Coffee Stout --