Halle Kearns is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Columbia, Missouri.  At the age of six, Halle began putting on “shows” for her family and friends, singing along to her favorite female country stars. 

As the years went on, Halle’s love for singing and performing only grew.  She taught herself how to play guitar by looking up different chords online, and played hymns for her Bible study.  She played her first open mic when she was 15, and says she can’t recall a time when she’s felt more scared than when she stepped onto that little bar’s stage.  Throughout high school, Halle led worship for her local YoungLife organization.  

After graduating, Halle moved to Kansas City, and immediately began pursuing a career in music by accepting internships through other performers, managing radio tours, and performing live frequently. In the summer of 2017, Halle played over 40 solo, acoustic shows. 

Halle’s ultimate dream is to reach people through music in a way words, alone, cannot do.  She wants to pass her story along through her lyrics, in hopes it will help someone else the way music helped her.  Halle says, “If one day I can look into the audience and see a little girl singing all the words to my original songs, I have accomplished my wildest dreams.”

With encouragement from friends, family, and fans, she continues to perform throughout the Midwest. Grateful for her start, Halle looks forward to her future in entertainment.