• Just A Taste (map)
  • 200 North Jefferson Street
  • Saint James, MO, 65559
  • United States

What is an Amaro? First, "Amaro" is Italian for "bitter," but in the beverage industry, it is a category of spirits infused with bittering agents, or rather, an herbal liqueur. There are a wide range of styles, with some of the most familiar being Jaggermeister, Campari, and Fernet-Branca, which you can usually see Casey, Eric, and Alex sipping respectively. 

Join the mighty trio for a fun tasting of their favorite after-shift sippers. You might find something you like! You might find something you love. You'll probably find something you hate, but hey, that's what Just A Taste is all about. Palate Enrichment!!!

5-7 pm
Free for members, $15 for everyone else.

Come early. Stay late. Drink Classy!