Just A Taste will be featuring traditional Belgian fare and beer as part of our first Fritte Fest! We invite you to come get your fritte on, and sample the delectable menu Chef Alex has prepared.

Frittes Plates:

  1. Moules Frittes – mussels and fries
    *beer and garlic steamed mussels with frittes and house aioli

  2. Stoverij Frittes – Flemish beef stew smothered frittes

  3. Boulets Frittes – Liegoise meatballs with sweet n’ sour gravy and frittes

  4. Frikadl Frittes – fried, split pork sausage filled with onions and curry ketchup and frittes

  5. Five Finger Fritte Punch – a sampler of all the lovely frittes.

A la Carte:  

  1. Frittes bowls with sauces:

    1. Mayonnaise – traditional Flemish condiment

    2. Andalouse – mayonnaise, tomato paste, and pimento

    3. Americaine – mayonnaise, tomato, herbs, onion, capers, shellfish stock, celery

    4. Green Goddess – creamy herb dipping sauce

    5. Curry Ketchup

    6. Curry mayonnaise

    7. Aioli

Moules Frittes.jpg