• Just A Taste MO (map)
  • 200 North Jefferson Street
  • Saint James, MO, 65559
  • United States

We've come a long way and drank some fantastic beers. But in the words of Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod, "There can only be One." The 2018 Brew Madness Champion must be selected!

Here's the menu:

1st Course: SOUR TBD
*Mushroom pate, sour cherry, beet, and house-made tea crackers

2nd Course: Piney River Black Walnut Wheat
*Wild green and walnut pesto with house-made pasta

3rd Course: Public House Elusive IPA
*Moroccan spiced lamb shank

Dessert: Mother's Rum Barrel MILF
*Grilled pineapple upside-down cake with house-made pineapple chips and buttermilk meringue

*Tickets are $35 per person.